Benedict + Ginevra
- Seaside wedding in Italy -

This wedding has been described as being somewhat like a scene from a romantic movie and a combination of so many things Gin & Ben love, have experienced and shared together over their relationship – which is so very appropriate for them as filmmakers, writers & photographers.

Both Ginevra and Benedict come from different places in the world, but they both absolutely love one another’s cultures, they love travelling and from living in such an international city as London for so long now they have both adopted many different traditions.
Their beach wedding in August marked a very special time, it marked their 5th year anniversary of being together. Rosso e Vino alla Dogana was truly the perfect setting for the big day. It’s a place steeped in Ginevra’s history, as a place she has spent many days of the summer in the past.

Ginevra arrived in a ‘69 Mustang, which reflects their love for the US and for American classics, and they both decided to write their vows.
The reception they wanted to be and feel more like a party, like a big gathering of all the people they love, and because so many travelled from all over the world, they definitely wanted to make it a night they would remember forever. Lit up with fairy lights, lanterns and braziers, decorated with flowers, shabby-chic furniture, a Polaroid station and so much more.

The food was Italian, but with a little hint of the English seaside tradition, like the fried Calamari served in paper cones, the drinks were English-style ales, fine Italian wines and a selection of cocktails we had hand-picked.
For the music that night, they had a jazz trio performing some all-time classics and 60s, 70s and 80s music, beautifully deejayed by 80s veteran Riccardo Cioni. His music really completed their movie like ending to the wedding night with songs like Summer of ’69 playing while fireworks and Chinese lanterns beautifully lit up the sky over the beach.

Venue: Rosso e Vino alla Dogana

Hair: Stefania Pareti

Floral Design: Sian Handmade

Wedding Dress: Lee Petra Grebenau Dress

All photos by Andrea & Federica -