Phil + Jade
- Wedding at San Galgano Abbey -

Wedding at San Galgano Abbey and Tenuta di Papena


Jade can be described as the most adorable and funny bride and human being on planet earth. Phil can be described as the most tender and good mannered groom on the same planet.
Jade and Phil share two things (apart their love) : generosity and smiles. This sums up pretty well why we are totally in love with these two.
A wedding is not only where you have been and what have you organized, but it’s the joy and love that permeates from their eyes,their smiles and skin that really is the win win moment.
They arrived approximately 1 year before their wedding, knowing that Tuscany was the place, that May was the month but most of all that San Galgano Abbey had to be their ceremony venue. 
All the rest of the “journey” together has been filled up with laughers and with easiness for a project that was going with the flow like everything was just meant to be the way we were projecting it.
The ceremony has been a legal one being the Abbey a part of the local Municipality so combining the legalities with a breathtaking spot , almost unique in Italy.
After the ceremony Jade and Phil decided to entertain their guests with a cute small cocktail at the Agriturismo San Galgano just opposite to the Abbey.
After that all guests have been transferred to Tenuta di Papena where a typical tuscan buffet was waiting for them to relax and start the reception with good food, good Prosecco and really good jazzy music.
Tenuta di Papena is particularly special for its beautiful layout, being an ancient borgo where a big family and coworkers lived in the past , all buildings (with now rooms inside) facing the middle court where even in the past all meals and celebrations were held. Being such a stunning place
Jade and Phil decided to enjoy here few days where they relaxed by the pool and held their welcome Pizza night and their farewell brunch along with their dearest.
All details that turned a wedding into a loving and unforgettable wedding.



WP: Magnolia Wedding Planner 
Photographers : Andrea & Federica
Videographers: 2become1 
Venue  & Caterer : Tenuta Papena 
Ceremony venue : San Galgano Abbey 
Dj : Gaetano  Sicari